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Laxmi Publications is a privately held publishing company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Since its inception in 1974, it has grown tremendously as one of the leading publishers of STM, Management, Engineering, Computer Science & IT, College, English Language & Literature, School and Children books, in India and abroad. The organization has grown both organically and through acquisitions and strategic partnerships.



With newer and technological innovations changing the publishing landscape globally, we have been gearing up to adapt to the fast changes. All our books are at present digitized and are available in electronic/digital format through resellers such as mPowerO, Kindle (amazon.com), Snapplify, EBSCO, Overdrive, KopyKitab, GIST, Wonderslate, Mint Books, elib4u.

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It has the following subsidiaries and imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational and professional books market.

1.  Laxmi Publications (LP)

  • Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools

  • College Mathematics and Engineering

  • Distance Education

  • Specialization in developing Customized Curriculum based School Textbooks for various Ministries of Education in Africa and other countries

2.  Amanda Imprint

  • Pre-primary, primary and middle school books

3.  A-Cube Press

  • School Books: All Classes (Titles under co-publishing arrangement with McGrawhill India)

4.  Firewall Media

  • Computer Science & IT Books for the educational and professional market

5.  University Science Press

  • Engineering Mathematics Physics

  • Business and Management

  • Applied Sciences

  • Biotechnology and new technologies

  • Competitive Examination Books

6.  Trinity Press

  • Higher Education: All Categories (Mainly Higher Education titles acquired from Macmillan India)




Through its various imprints, Laxmi Publications Private Limited publishes books for:

  1.  K-12 schools that follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum in India. The company has one of the largest title lists of CBSE school books covering all subjects for K-12 classes. These books are published under well-known brands like Amanda Imprint, Comprehensive, eXam-Kit and Golden Guides. We also have a strategic tie-up to co-publish, print, promote and sell all school books of McGraw Hill India under A-Cube Press.
  2.  Books for African countries: Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Gambia, Liberia and Zanzibar.
  3.  College mathematics textbooks: The company is the industry leader in this segment targeted at several universities across the country.
  4.  Higher Education: Laxmi Publications has also established a strong foothold in publishing higher education textbooks. Many of our publications are regularly recommended in Technical Universities' curriculums. We cover a wide variety of topics in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Chemical, Computer Science, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Management, Sciences and English Language and Literature. With recent acquisition of Higher Education Program of Macmillan Publishing (India), we have added more than 300 titles to our catalog. These titles are published under brands like LP, University Science Press (USP), Firewall Media and Trinity Press.
  5.  Books for young readers: We have just launched more than 100 titles for young readers to give them a holistic skill development. 
  6.  The organization publishes roughly 300 new titles/editions each year. Titles are taken up for publication only after their contents have been evaluated by a panel of editorial and subject experts. The organization emphasizes quality norms in terms of both editorial content and physical inputs like paper, printing and binding.
  7. The focus of the company is on providing authentic, reliable and user friendly books at an affordable price.





Domestic: Having sold more than 56 million books, Laxmi Publications has helped in shaping the future of many meritorious students. With presence all over the country, 10 branch offices in major cities and access to over 2500 book retailing outlets, we have a strong distribution network. Our head office is in New Delhi and branch offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Ranchi. Our resident representatives are stationed at various major cities all over India. Our strong sales team of 200+ is always on the move, travelling to the remotest corners of India to expand our name and business.


International: Directly and indirectly, we export books to various countries all over the world-Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and various other African countries. Besides direct exports, we have tie-ups with at least 10 large book exporters in India. We also opened our own offices recently in Ghana and Kenya, and have a representation in Uganda.


www.laxmipublications.com: Our website is a major channel for distribution throughout the world. The website is constantly updated for new releases and displays dollar pricing internationally. We receive continuous orders for our books from almost all parts of the world. The orders are shipped instantly through courier or by air-mail.


Google's Partner in Print Program, flipkart.com, amazon.in, infibeam.com, indiaplaza.in, homeshop18.com, uread.com and snapdeal.com further support our online sales.






Mercury Learning LLC was established as another Joint Venture in the US in the year 2012. Mercury Learning also specializes in the areas of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Gaming, Information Technology, Business and Management. Mercury Learning titles are designed primarily for the educational and professional/reference market. Earlier in 2006, Infinity Science Press (ISP) was set up as our Joint Venture in the US. ISP is now a part of Jones and Bartlett Publishers, USA.




After creating ripples in the Indian publishing industry in the year 2004 by acquiring New Age International, India (Formerly known as Wiley Eastern, India), we awed the industry further in 2013 by acquiring Macmillan India?s Higher Education Program. We added close to 400 new titles across various higher education categories in our catalogs.

Within a few months after the above acquisition, we also became strategic partners to publish, print and sell McGraw Hill India's School books.




Past, Present and Future

Current years have brought tremendous growth and opportunities for Laxmi Publications. We took aggressive steps to increase our brand awareness, diversify our portfolio and further grow the business.

1. August 2001. We launched Golden Bells. As the name suggests, this imprint of Laxmi Publications was started to get the attention of students?right from the beginning. As of yet we have brought out 100+ titles for the pre-school segment.

2. September 2001. We launched Firewall Media, an imprint of Laxmi Publications, to cater to the developers and software professional market. We have published more than 500 titles of our own and gotten Indian edition reprint rights for at least 150 foreign titles from the US and Europe.

3. June 2002. We launched a complete new series for the newly created state of Jharkhand in India. Moving at a rapid pace, we opened a new branch office and published more than 100 new titles within two months for the State Board of Education.

4. September 2005. Published a book on Mathematics as per South Africa curriculum and thus marked a presence in South African school education market.

5. January 2006. Started a joint venture in Boston, USA by the name of Infinity Science Press. It specializes the areas of engineering, mathematics, physics, and business. International rights of many engineering books written by Indian authors were sold to Infinity Science Press for International publishing and exposure.

6. September 2006. Launched University Science Press as a separate imprint for higher education books.

7. June 2008. We won award for publication of Science books by Ministry of Education, Ghana.

8. January 2009. Infinity Science Press becomes a part of Jones and Bartlett Publishers, USA.

9. January 2010. We won award for publication and distribution of Civics and Ethical Education books by Ministry of Education, Ethiopia.

10. September 2010. To give a fresh look to our school books for pre-primary, primary and middle school segment, Amanda Imprint is created.

11. March 2011. We won award for publication and distribution of Information and Communications Technology books by Ministry of Education, Ethiopia.

12. January 2012. Started a joint venture in Boston, USA by the name of Mercury Learning LLC. It specializes the areas of engineering, mathematics, physics, and business. International rights of many engineering books written by Indian authors were sold to Mercury Learning LLC for International publishing and exposure.

13. April 2012. Invested in Liqvid, a leader in digital English language learning.

14. May 2012. We won award for publication and distribution of Science and Social Studies books by Ministry of Education, Gambia.

15. October 2012. We contribute to the environment by starting a Solar Power Plant of 750 KVA capacity in the state of Rajasthan, India.

16. January 2013. We won award for publication and distribution of English books for grades 7-9 for Ministry of Education, Liberia.

17. June 2013. Acquired Macmillan India's Higher Education Program.

18. September 2013. Strategic tie-up with McGraw Hill India to co-publish, promote and sell their school textbooks.

19. April 2014. We opened offices in Ghana and Kenya.

20. June 2014. We got ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

21. September 2014. We won award for publication and distribution of Information and Communications Technology books for Standards 5-6 and Geography books for Standards 5-6 for Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

22. November 2016. We won award for publication and distribution of English books for Primary 1 and Secondary 1; Science Elementary Technology and ICT books for Primary 4; Mathematics books for Secondary 1; Literature in English books for Secondary 1; and General Studies and Communication Skills books for Secondary 4 for Rwanda Education Board, Rwanda.

23. March 2017. We won award for publication and distribution of Social and Religious Studies books for Primary 2; Science Elementary Technology and ICT books for Primary 5; Biology books for Secondary 2 and Secondary 5; and Chemistry books for Secondary 2 for Rwanda Education Board, Rwanda. 

24. November 2017. We got ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Thus, in a short span of time, Laxmi Publications has grown multi-folds. From pre-school to engineering, we cover almost all areas of Indian education system and are slowly but steadily entering the international publishing arena. We are committed to excel in providing the best in education and publish good quality books. We are confident that our focused approach to diversify and grow through our latest imprints-Firewall Media, Golden Bells, University Science Press, Amanda Imprint, Mercury Learning, Trinity Press, A-Cube will take us to new horizons.





With 40 years of book-publishing experience, Laxmi Publications specializes in the composition of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering books. The company has a set-up of 25 workstations for typesetting publications. In a single shift of 8 hours, this set-up can compose approximately 2000 pages.



Laxmi Publications has a 60 member editorial team. The team comprises graduates in disciplines from engineering and natural sciences to commerce. With an average editorial experience of 10 years, the team has 400 man-years of experience in proofreading, pagination and editing.


Content Development

Laxmi Publications has a wide network of authors who are school teachers, college lecturers and professors with a wide range of experience and qualifications. This pool of talent is spread across the country and is valuable for curriculum development; course and content development; study material preparation; web based editing and tutoring services.




  • 2003-2004 Best Book Produced at Higher Secondary Level conferred by The Federation of Educational Publishers in India, Delhi
  • 2004  Distinguished Publisher Award for Service to the Cause of  Education and Publishing Industry conferred by The Federation   of Educational Publishers in India, Delhi             
  • 2011  Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding contribution to the success of Ethiopian Trade and Investment Forum given by WAFA  Marketing and Promotion PLC, Ethiopia
  • 2011 and 2012  Certificate of Excellence and Ranking in top 500 SME companies for Exemplary Growth by Inc. 500
  • 2012   Capexil Certificate of Merit
  • 2015    Best Publisher Award conferred by Delhi Booksellers Association, Delhi