Financial Management and Investment Decisions

ISBN: 9789381159361

Edition: First, 2012

Pages: 178

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About the Book:

The global financial events have emphasized the need for an understanding of financial management, investment decision-making and strategies used in fianancial and investment management.
We provide a comprehensive over view fianance. We take the readers who may have little or no familiarity with fiance, to a level of understanding that gives the reader a better appreciation for the complex financial issues that companies and investors face toady.
The book helps you to grasp what is going on in the world around you. It helps you to ask the right questions when times change and new problems need to be analyzed. It also tells you which things you do not need to worry about. Throughout this book we show how managers use financial principles to solve practical problems.
The book includes its own recommended readings list. A glossary of important terms and a list acronyms used in he text are included at the end of the book. The chapters are modular to allow readers to either delete specific chapters or read the chapters in order based on individual reference or classroom requirements.
This book provides the readers with conceptual understanding of financial making process, rather than just an introduction to the tools and techniques of finance. The book is intended for students, managers with requisite knowledge in economics, accounting, and statistics.


Chapter 1.  Finance and Business Development
Chapter 2.  Long-term Finance and Capital Structure
Chapter 3.  Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 4.  Fund Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statements
Chapter 5.  Working Capital Management
Chapter 6.  Investment Decisions
Chapter 7.  Profit Planning and Divided Decision
Chapter 8.  Investment Appraisals
Chapter 9.  Budgeting

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