Programming for Chemical Engineers Using C, C++, and MATLAB

ISBN: 9789380298207

Edition: 2010

Pages: 449

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About the Book:

Designed for chemical engineering students and industry professionals, this applications-oriented book shows how to write reusable computer programs by guiding the reader through the process of: establishing the theoretical concept; determining the applicable numerical methods; testing the algorithm through manual calculation; writing and debugging the computer program based on the algorithm; and validating the result, using statistical analysis. All programs in the book are written in the three most popular languages (C, C++, and MATLAB) currently in the chemical engineering curriculum and in industry. Because the book is written by a chemical engineer, practitioners and students will learn to write programs for the appropriate subject matter of interest to them. A CD-ROM with code, simulations, executables, etc., accompanies the book.

Introduction. I. Using C and C++. 1. Review on C Programming.

2. Numerical Computation Using C 3. Physical Properties-Prediction and Approximation. 4. Applications Using C. 5. Overview of C++. II. Using MATLAB.

6. Introduction to MATLAB.7. Functions for Numerical Computations. 8. Applications Using MATLAB. 9. Interfacing MATLAB with C. Continuing on. Appendices. Index

  • All of the C and C++ Program Listings (including header files) from the book
  • All executable files of the compiled C and C++ programs
  • All the M-files, MAT-files, MEX-files, and MATLAB Engines
  • Open Watcom C/C++ Compiler v. 1.6-Installer for Windows
  • Open Watcom Reference Manuals
  • All of the figures from the book

About the Author:

Raul Kapuno, Jr. : He is an instructor at Cebu Institute of Technology (Philippines), where he teaches courses in chemical engineering and computer programming. He holds degrees in chemical and industrial engineering, has published several journal articles, and has professional experience with Coca-Cola and Daewoo Motors.



PART I Using C and C++
Chapter 1. Review on C Programming
Chapter 2. Numerical Computation Using C
Chapter 3. Physical Properties-Prediction and Approximation
Chapter 4. Applications Using C
Chapter 5. Overview of C++
Chapter 6. Introduction to MATLAB
Chapter 7. Functions for Numerical Computations
Chapter 8. Applications Using MATLAB
Chapter 9. Interfacing MATLAB with C
Continuing On


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