Data Mining and Data Warehousing

ISBN: 978-81-318-0658-6

Edition: First, 2009

Pages: 355

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About the Book:

The book 'Data Mining and Data Warehousing' is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by U.P. Technical University, Lucknow and other universities. This book covers all the details required for the students and extremely well organized and lucidly written with an approach to explain the concepts in communicable language.
The salient features of this book are:

  • It is useful for the beginners of Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • It focuses on conceptual clarity
  • Precise and clear exposition of the text
  • Assignments and exercises at the end of chapters allow the student to test understanding of the material.
  • The inner strength of this book like in threadbare discussion of several question selected from various examination papers.
  • It also covers the question papers of previous year.
  • This book will be a boon to students and will help them to face examination in confident manner.

  • Contents:

    Chapter 1    :  Introduction to Data Mining
    Chapter 2    :  Data Pre-processing
    Chapter 3    :  Application and Future Scope of Data Mining
    Chapter 4    :  The Knowledge Discovery Process
    Chapter 5    :  Data Mining Techniques
    Chapter 6    :  Concept Description
    Chapter 7    :  Association Rule Mining in Large Databases
    Chapter 8    :  Classification and Prediction
    Chapter 9    :  Cluster Analysis
    Chapter 10  :  Data Warehouse
    Chapter 11  :  Multidimensional Data Model
    Chapter 12  :  Data Warehouse Architecture
    Chapter 13  :  Components of Data Warehouse
    Chapter 14  :  On-Line Analytical Processing
    Chapter 15  :  Decision Support System
    Chapter 16  :  Aggregation
    Chapter 17  :  Backup and Recovery of Data
    Chapter 18  :  Performance Tuning and Testing of Data Warehouse
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