Advanced Communication Lab Manual

ISBN: 9788131805008

Edition: First, 2009

Pages: 49

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About the Book:

The book 'Advanced Communication Lab Manual' is strictly based on the syllabus prescribed by V.T.U., mainly for the students of 6th semester B.E. (Elec. and Telecom. Engg.). It covers the experiments based on Digital Communications, Microwave and Optical Fibre.

This book deals with the topics in three sections : The first section deals with the experiments from Digital Communication like Flat Top Sampling, TDM, ASK, FSK, BPSK etc. The second section gives detailed step-by-step instructions for conducting experiments from Microwave Communication. The third section covers the Optical Fibre Communication System.

The salient features of this book are :
  1.  Practical approach to learning the concepts through experiments and all the circuits in this manual are tested.
  2.  The design, circuit diagrams and expected output waveforms are given.
  3.  The working principle of each experiment has been duly described and discussed.
  4.  Block diagrams and tables have been neatly drawn so that students record the observation easily.
  5.  Viva questions are given from each unit.
  6.  The book also contains a list of possible questions from experiments in the lab exams.


1. Digital Communication
2. Microwave Communication Lab
3. Optical Fibre Communication System
      Question Bank



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