Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting

ISBN: 978-93-81159-34-7

Edition: First, 2005

Pages: 547

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Dr. R. Kesavan : Dr. R. Kesavan is currently a senior faculty in Department of Production Technology, M.I.T. Campus, Anna University, Chennai. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy and Master Degree in Production Engineering from M.I.T. Campus, Anna University, Chennai. He also obtained his Master of Business Administration from Department of Management Studies, Madras University, Chennai and obtained his Ph.D. degree from Anna University. He has published a number of papers at national and international levels. He has more than ten years of Industrial experience and fifteen years' experience in teaching Process Planning and Cost Estimation, Management Studies, Production Engineering, Financial Accounting and Industrial Economics. He has written books on Principles of Management, Process Planning and Cost Estimation, Engineering Management and Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting. He is also contributing as life time member with ISTE in their activities.


1.  Nature and Scope of Economics and Managerial Economics
2.  Demand-Utility Analysis-I
3.  Demand-Utility Analysis-II
4.  Demand-Utility Analysis-III
5.  Demand Forecasting
6.  Law of Supply
7.  Cost Concept and Cost Output Relationship
9.  Theory of Production
10. Pricing
11. Concepts and Types of Market
12. Manufacturing Practices
13. National Income
14. Money and Banking
15. New Economics Environment : Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG)
16.Nature of Financial Management
17. Capital Budgeting -I
18. Sources of Finance
19. Financial Accounting System
20. Financial Statement
21. Ratio/Financial Analysis
22. Fund Flow and Cash Flow Analysis
23. Investment
Model Test Paper


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