Comprehensive Mathematics XI

ISBN: 9788131808139

Edition: New 2018

Pages: 1048

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About the Book:

Comprehensive Mathematics (Class XI) has been revised strictly according to the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. The whole syllabus is divided into 34 chapters. The following are some of the salient features of the present book.

  • It has detailed theory with neat diagrams.
  • It has large number of solved problems.
  • It has large number of unsolved problems.
  • It has Working rules/steps for solving problems before exercises.
  • Each exercise is divided into three groups containing Very Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer-I Type Questions and Long Answer-II Type Questions.
  • It has Hints of tricky problems after relevant exercises.
  • It has Summary at the end of each chapter.
  • It has NCERT and Exemplar Problems textbooks questions.
  • It has Additional material required for Engineering entrance tests.
  • It has Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions after each chapter.
  • It has Value Based Questions after each unit.

About the Author:

Parmanand Gupta : He passed M.Sc. (Mathematics)examination in 1974 from Delhi University. After passing Pre.Ph.D. examination as a C.S.I.R. fellow at IIT Delhi, he joined a degree college and has retired as an Associate Professor and Head of Mathematics Dept. from that college. During his teaching assignment, he passed M.A. (Economics)examination from Punjabi University at Patiala. In 1987, the University to study for the award of M.phil. degree in Mathematics. Prof. gupta has teaching experience of more than 40 years to his credit.


Unit-I. Sets and Functions
1.   Sets
2.   Relations
3.   Functions
4.   Measurement of Angles
5.   Trigonometric Functions
6.   Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
7.   Trigonometric Functions of Sum and Difference of Two Angles
8.   Transformation Formulae
9.   Trigonometric Functions of Multiple and Sub-multiple Angles
10. Conditional Identities
11. Trigonometric Equations
12. Sine and Cosine Formulae

Unit-II. Algebra
13. Principle of Mathematical Induction
14. Complex Numbers
15. Quadratic Equations
16. Linear Inequalities
17. Permutations
18. Combinations
19. Binomial Theorem (For Positive Integral Index)

20. Arithmetic Progressions
21. Geometric Progressions
22. Some Special Series

Unit-III. Coordinate Geometry
23. Brief Recall of Two Dimensional Coordinates
24. Straight Lines
25. Circle
26. Parabola

27. Ellipse

28. Hyperbola
29. Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Unit-IV. Calculus
30. Limits
31. Differentiation

Unit-V. Mathematical Reasoning
32. Mathematical Reasoning

Unit-VI. Statistics and Probability
33. Statistics
34. Probability



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